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Cargo ships are getting larger every day. The size of conventional vessels is only held back by the ability of ports to handle such massive vessels. Only few major ports can handle these mega ships. This is where Fast steps in. Our fleet of box shaped coasters is ideal to transship your conventional cargo to every corner of Europe: quick, safe and professional.

If we cannot transship your cargo with our own fleet we charter a vessel on the market.

We have the in house experience to deliver your cargo from start to finish and can arrange documentation, pre carriage, stevedoring, pre loading surveys, packaging, insurance, customs & regulatory compliances and on carriage by barge, rail or truck.

One of the first achievements of the Fast Group was setting up a liner service from the Baltic Sea to UK and Irish ports. Today Fast operates several liner services with our own Fast fleet:

  • a regular service from Szczecin (Gdansk/Gdynia optional) to the East coast UK/Ireland
  • a regular service from Antwerp to UK/Ireland
  • a regular service from Antwerp to Saint Petersburg and back
  • a regular service from Antwerp to Szczecin

Our experienced and helpful staff is ready to follow up any potential business enquiry.
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