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The secret of a great building lies in the choice of the architect. The same applies to shipping. Whether you want to ship one box of Belgian Chocolates or a whole factory Fast provides you a state-of-the-art shipping plan. In times of globalisation and anonymous activity we do care of particular customers and their cargoes. We start by listening... making shipping as much personal, as it used to and should be. Then sit back and relax while our dedicated expert will coordinate the safe and costefficient movement of your goods from point of origin to the point of destination.

Wienerberger - an example of a successful partnership in short sea shipping.

In 2013 we were contacted by Wienerberger to consider how we could help provide a solution to ship bricks from their factories in Belgium to UK using short sea shipping.

In 2015 Wienerberger won the Shortsea shipping award.

The background to winning this Award...

In February 2014 Wienerberger decided to shift the major part of its traffic of bricks between Belgium and the UK from the traditional roll-on/roll-off ferry operations to shortsea shipping. During 2014 - 38,000,000 bricks were shipped utilising 45 coasters; this equated to 95,000 tonnes or 71,300 pallets, the equivalent of some 3,500 trucks. The traffic is rising: in 2015 (up to the end of August) already about 65,000 tonnes were shipped on 32 coasters. Such a marked and sustained increase in volumes lead to the establishment of a close working partnership and cooperation with the Van Moer Group at it's terminal in Vilvoorde and the Fast Lines coaster operations. Vilvoorde was chosen because of its central location in relation to the different Wienerberger plants.

It is the intention to carry out the major part of the pre-transport from the Wienerberger plant in Beerse (which has a newly refurbished own quay) to the coaster loading site in Vilvoorde by inland barge. This will then complete the modal shift.

And the story continues.

Today Fast is still shipping Wienerberger bricks... I really do not know how many homes we have carried to the UK already!

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