Think 'inside' the box

Fast wraps and protects your valuable cargo for shipment
More than sixty years ago on August 26, 1954, a patent was filed by Malcolm P McLean. His idea - of shipping standardized boxes that could be loaded onto trucks, moved to trains or ships and then loaded back onto trucks - changed the world of shipping. More and more commodities are now travelling our oceans inside a container reducing shippers’ transport costs.

A standard container is 20' X 8' x 8'6". But nowadays you also have 33’, 40’ and 45’-foot boxes. You can ship in a standard dry container, flat rack (flats) container, open-top container, ventilated container, refrigerated (reefer) container, general purpose dry container, open top container, high cube(9’6’’) container, pallet wide (high cube) container, pallet wide curtain sided container, tank container, ...

Currently, there are 5,000 plus freighters carrying over 14 million containers to ports all over the world. And the market of the container carriers is constantly shifting.
Don’t worry, sit back and relax while we offer the best containerised solutions for all your shipping and logistical needs. As independent forwarders we weigh the different container carriers and choose the best one.

For Fast...containers have no secrets :
  • we stuff and strip your containers worldwide
  • arrange cargo insurance
  • organize customs and regulatory compliances
  • weigh your containers before they are shipped (SOLAS container weight verification requirement (VGM) entered into force as from 1 July 2016)
  • for several customers we cross trade their cargo without it entering the country where the shipper is registered
  • if you have less than a container load we organize an lcl shipment
  • we bring your cargo door-to-door and will look for optimal intermodal solutions, whether it’s by barge, rail or truck