Local knowledge

combined with general expertise

As agents we take great pride in devoting our full and careful attention to your vessel, from nomination, through port stay, and long after the vessel sails. Our agency services are available round the clock, and your call will always be answered by responsible qualified staff who know exactly how and where to mobilise assistance whatever the situation.

Fast agents will arrange:

  • In- and outward clearing of vessels
  • Assistance to master and crew, cash to master, crew changes
  • Bunkering, maintenances, repairs and surveys if needed
  • Constant coordination with the stevedores

When accepting agency nominations and responsibility
for cargo ships, we believe local knowledge is as important
as integrity and general expertise.

Fast agents work from the following ports:

  • UK: Grimsby, Immingham, Hull and Goole
  • Ireland: Drogheda
  • Poland: Szczecin, Swinouscjie, Gdansk and Gdynia
  • Belgium: Antwerp, Albertcanal and Brussels

All our senior agency staff are highly qualified members with local experience.


The first vessels were named after the children of our founding father, Herman Scheers. Now with the upcoming third generation it is the grandchildren who give their names to the vessels: Fast Jef, Fast Sam, Fast Sus and Fast Julia. Fast Lines is always looking to develop and renew its capacity in the future. When it comes to fleet management our team demonstrates the company’s commitment to the safe, efficient and reliable operation of our ships.
Our shipmanagement oversees all engineering and nautical aspects of the business from maintenance, planning and supervision of overhauls and shipyard layovers, technical purchasing, crewing, insurance, new building, to the implementation of new legislation and safety standards. Our services are conducted in compliance with ISM and ISPS codes.