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a reliable partner in the global shipping industry.
December 31st marks the actual departure of the UK from the EU.
Time to reboot your supply chains!

Fast Lines Belgium’s Chair, Catrien Scheers had the pleasure to participate in the 'Ready for Brexit' live webinar of Port of Antwerp.
She was in good company.
CEO Port of Antwerp, Jacques Vandermeiren gave an intro.
Tineke Van de Voorde, Wim Dillen and Justin Atkin set the scene and explained how to mitigate your supply chain risks:
• Accompanied vs unaccompanied transport (LOLO vs RORO)
• Re-engineering of supply chains
• Re-routing of cargo flows
• Bufferstocks
• Knowledge (in-house/outsourced)
• Trade facilitation/simplified procedures
• Smart IT-systems
• Innovation

As expert in shipping goods in/out UK and Ireland Catrien Scheers gave a testimony on how Fast Group keeps their customers goods flowing.
Fast  analyzes their customers flows and concluded that breakbulk short sea shipping is part of the solution for Brexit.

Fast's customer Wienerberger is already convinced that Short-Sea Breakbulk Services are an Alternative to Road Freight.
Since 2014 Fast fleet is shipping full vessels of Wienerberger bricks to the UK and to Saint Petersburg, delivering the cargo almost to the customers doorstep in a sustainable way.
After the 1st of January Fast will continue serving Wienerberger with breakbulk shipments into the UK as before.
The only difference will be that we have to fill out one extra customs document like we already do for the shipments to Saint Petersburg.

Fast also aspires to reroute the cargo flows of their customers shipping in or out of Ireland
Take for example our customer SMET.
Smet Building Products located in Newry has for many years been importing various building products from Continental Europe into Ireland and the UK.
Fast Group is covering door-door transport for all Smet Building Products.
Long before Brexit, Fast Lines invested in silo containers which are shipped from Port of Antwerp to Port of Dublin.
However, the majority of the cargo “bags of floor screed on pallets” were shipped by truck via the UK to Ireland.

Due to the uncertainty of Brexit, Fast Group was looking for a solution to cut the UK landbridge and thus avoiding extra customs formalities and long traffic jams.
We found the solution!
As from March 2020 Fast started “BEL - EIRE LINES”
Bel-Eire Lines is a conventional breakbulk Liner Service connecting port of Antwerp to the port of Drogheda, shipping goods from an EU port to an EU port
We aim for
• all types of breakbulk and general cargoes such as steel products, bagged material, palletized goods,
• cargoes currently trucked via UK land-bridge to Ireland
• smaller lots difficult to ship as full and complete cargo
• project cargo
• transshipment cargoes

The cargo is shipped with Fast Lines Belgium’s box shaped coasters.
Due to Corona we now operate regular monthly sailings, but we can easily step it up and put in extra ships, if needed.
Loading at poa Antwerp is operated by Wijngaardnatie.
Their state of the art all weather terminal situated at the Albert dock can load 24/7. Even during rainy days your cargo is covered. Wijngaardnatie accept all types of breakbulk cargoes whether they come by truck, rail, inland barge or by ship.
At Drogheda port Fast Shipping Ireland handles your cargo door-door and they use Fast Terminals as stevedore.
The Port of Drogheda is located between Dublin and Belfast, next to the main Motorway the M1.
Drogheda port is perfectly situated to cover on-carriage to the whole Irish isle.

To conclude:
• never panic
• Fast architects of transport are here to help you rethink your supply chain
• We do more than port/port transport we assist you door/door with our famous Sofa Style Service
Sit back and relax because even after Brexit we keep your goods flowing

👇Watch this ready for brexit-webinar by clicking on this link.

If you still have questions after watching the webinar call 003232135270.