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Why visit Antwerp XL ?

That Antwerp is a city of beer, excellent chocolates and shiny diamonds is known around the world.

Less known is that during the 16th century Antwerp became the center of the international economy. At that time, Antwerp was the richest city in Europe. The city grew rich on the trade of its port. The Scheldt river brought prosperity and employment during the The Golden age and still does so today.

Antwerp hides EUROPE'S LARGEST BREAKBULK PORT with 12 068 ha of port area, 6,1 million m² covered storage space, 15 terminals specialised in breakbulk and over 220 calls of breakbulk vessels each month. Every year, an average of 15 million tonnes of breakbulk is handled in the port of Antwerp.

Antwerp, Europe's largest Breakbulk port:

Lying in the heart of Europe, the docks at the port of Antwerp are connected to the hinterland by road, rail and waterway.

But what really sets Antwerp apart are its people!

The Antwerp dockers have a history and long tradition in handling the most versatile breakbulk cargoes: sheet piles, chemicals in big bags, mixed goods, RDF, SRF, steel coils, granite blocks, rails, pulp, plywood, forest products, palletized goods, building materials, cranes,...

In breakbulk every shipment is different. And that's where the Antwerp breakbulk community makes a difference. We have a vast experience in handling oversized, project and heavy lift cargo. Antwerp is famous for its expertise and CAN DO mentality.

Both the port and its operators continue to invest in the growth of the port's breakbulk activities. With initiatives like NxtPort Antwerp is shaping the future of breakbulk.

It is therefore little wonder that Antwerp holds a unique position in the heart of the European breakbulk community and is the perfect home for a new breakbulk fair: Antwerp XL .

Why visit AntwerpXL?

Apart from beer, chocalate and diamonds you can see, experience and discuss breakbulk at the Antwerp Expo from 7-9 May 2019 together with breakbulk maritime professionals from across the supply chain.

Fast Lines Belgium

For all your breakbulk questions, Fast Lines got you covered. We give specialist solutions for faster, easier and greener transport.

We organise shortsea shipping from Antwerp to various big and small ports around Europe. At Fast Lines we translate shortsea shipping into Sofa Style Service. Our clients explain us which goods need to be transported, where to and when… then they sit back and relax while we take care of the rest.

Curious about the new kid in town?
Fast Team is thrilled to exhibit @antwerp_xl stand A29. Join us to make sure you're up to date with all things breakbulk!!!